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The Ultimate Vision:
Imagine a world where Pyramid Hotels dot the coastline, offering investment opportunities for ownership or daily rentals. Each Pyramid Hotel would be a paradise of beauty, featuring a pool surrounded by organic garden, and creative spaces. Social events, such as jam sessions and chess games would take place by the pool, and live music would be provided by a DJ booth. Our hotels will provide a peaceful and inspiring environment, unlike any other. To achieve this vision, investors will come together to raise funds and purchase prime real estate. We will then work with Realtors to sell pre-built units within the Pyramid Hotels. The goal is to complete each hotel with as few owners as possible, while still retaining the most ownership. Construction will begin as soon as possible, on whatever budget is available, and will continue until funds are exhausted. The initial construction will include a Pyramid (approx. $1.6M ea), a large swimming pool ($50k), a gate around the property ($20k),  and a large garden. The outer gate around the pyramids will allow animals to roam freely, such as horses, cows, and sheep. All investors will have equal voting rights and will have a say in the property's management. Once the first Pyramid Hotel is completed, we will rent out units to raise funds for the next hotel. Our ultimate goal is to build more and more of these self-sustainable communities and become the best investment property in the world. We will utilize Blockchain to bring us together and capture our dreams. Our vision is to have these communities as cells that dot the coastline. We will start where our initial investors decide is the best locaiton, and then expand globally. Let's enjoy the beauty of the world and create these unique communities together. 

Join us in our journey towards a better, more beautiful world! Our crypto of choice is Dogelon and BTC, and our aircraft of choice is B2N Heavy. With enough land, we will build a 3,000 ft runway to house our aircraft, utilizing our adjacent private airport. 


come fly with us, come fly, come fly away!

Never miss a chance to catch 

a star.

ThePyramidHotels is under development and in the very early stages.  All information currently is subject to change and is for entertainment purposes only at this time.               

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