"Where Innovation Meets Luxury: The World's Premier All-Glass Pyramid Hotel Community."
Locations:  Dubai, Colombia, Bali, France, Italy, USA and beyond. 

Exact Dimension 41'x41' 
Ground Floor Suit

1 pyramid = 7 units

4X Ground Floor Suites
 1936ft2 suits on the 
13 ft ceilings

2X spacious 2nd Floor Suites 595.6ft2 
13 ft ceilings

1- Penthouse 3rd floor Suites 412.14 ft2-
26ft ceiling!!!

A quaint 42 room Suite Hotel
-Fully booked will bring $4.5M annually at $300/night (conservatively)
*ceilings may be adjusted to provide for another floor. *

International Brand
5 Star rivalry, at a discount, for now...

PreBuy a Suite, or talk with us today to become a partner.

Live the Pyramid Hotel Life!

$400,000 USD   
$750,000 USD value after built. 

2ND Floor Suites- 595.57FT2
$375,000 USD
$600,000 USD value after built. 

3RD Floor Penthouse- 412.14ft2  26ft ceiling!!!! 
$350,000 USD
$650,000 USD value after built. 

Our Mission

We will CREATE the most beautiful international boutique hotel in the world. To not only be the most aesthetically appealing but to provide the highest five-star service available. With only the most beautiful employees, a 5-star chef, full room service, and the finest spa in the world.  We wish to make it a beautiful life, as much as absolutely possible...for all our guests..  For all of the happiness, zen, peace, laughter, so contentment may flourish...  

                                                                                                        - Created by Zen



Lay back and dream of The Pyramid Hotel.

Our work

Get a feel for it

Invisible, hanging stairs grace the rear of the pyramid.  Our most beautiful all female staff will carrry your bags to your room.

Egyptian statues line the pool.  You will feel like you're back in time. 

Estimated Profits

The Caribbean: COLOMBIA

The year around warm sun, warm ocean and beautiful woman will keep one wanting to live the pyramid hotel life forever.

Its very safe, the people are very friendly, there are lots of tourists; and tourists are highly respected.  We have chauffeurs and entertainment, all in house.  


See These videos to see the nearby city and sights:

Bali, Indonesia

*Open to all synergy! Give us a call or email today.*


Egyptian lost knowledge:

~~~Permit thou not me to be judged according to the mouths of the multitude. May my soul lift itself up before [Osiris], having been found to have been pure when on earth. May I come into thy presence, O Lord of the gods; may I arrive at the Nome of Maati (Truth); may I rise up on my seat like a god endowed with life; may I give forth light like the Company of the Gods who dwell in heaven; may I become like one of you; may I lift up my footsteps in the town of Kher-Aha; may I look upon the Sektet Boat of the god, Saah, the holy one, as it passeth across the sky; may I not be repulsed; may I look upon the Lords of the Tuat, or, according to another reading, the Company of the Gods; may I smell the savour of the divine food of the Company of the Gods; may I sit down with them; may my name be proclaimed for offerings by the KHER-HEB priest at the sacrificial table; may I hear the petitions which are made when offerings are presented; may I draw nigh unto the Neshem Boat; and may neither my Heart-soul nor its lord be repulsed. Homage to thee, O Chief of Amentet, thou god Osiris, who dwellest in the town of Nifu-ur. Grant thou that I may arrive in peace in Amentet. May the Lords of Ta-Tchesert receive me, and may they say unto me: "Hail, hail; welcome, welcome!" May they make ready for me a seat by the side of the President of the Chiefs; may the Nursing-goddesses receive me at the seasons, and may I come forth into the presence of Un-Nefer true of word. May I be a Follower of Horus in Ra-stau, and of Osiris in Tetu; and may I perform all the transformations which my heart may desire to make in every place wherein my Double (KA) wisheth to be. RUBRIC: If this text be known [by the deceased] upon earth or if he causeth it to be done in writing upon [his] coffin, then will he be able to come forth on any day he pleaseth, and to enter into his habitation unrepulsed. Cakes and ale and joints of meat from those which are on the altar of Ra shall be given unto him, and his homestead shall be among the fields of the Field of Reeds (Sekhet-Aaru), and wheat and barley shall be given unto him therein, and he shall flourish there even as he flourished upon earth. APPENDIX (From the Papyrus of Nekhtu-Amen, ed. Naville, I, 5)


I’m human I’m flawed I embrace change

And with enhancement 

Now there’s nothing I can’t do

Nothing I can’t know

Nothing I can’t be





Read these articles and you will see the potential health benefits involved by staying in a pyramid. 






See our Pitch Deck here: 




Full Property Management services available for owners at a 33% fee from earnings, nothing out of pocket.  Pool, Restaurant, Spa, Everything OPEN  24/7

  • Mon – Sun
    • 24h

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